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Bell Cranel (Ultra Rare)

Bell Cranel (Ultra Rare) Icon Incomplete Boy Bell Cranel
Rareté 5★
Coût 20
Classe Warrior
Arme Blade
Croissance Moyen (750 Base EXP)
  Attaque Pts de Vie
Niveau 1 1500 1400
Niveau 60 7500 7400
Level 80 9500 9400
Affiliation Traveler
Métier Little Rookie
Bell Cranel (Ultra Rare) F Bell Cranel (Ultra Rare) B Bell Cranel (Ultra Rare) L Bell Cranel (Ultra Rare) R

Attaques Spéciales

Skills Fire Bolt (Mana: 1)
Deal light damage to one enemy in Bell's row.
5x Damage.
Limit Break: Fire Bolt (Mana: 2)
[Super] [Tenir] Deal heavy damage to one enemy in Bell's row and enemies surrounding it. Damage increases depending on how long Bell holds for, and the range increases to all enemies in Bell's row if held for the maximum amount of time.
Up to 15x Damage.


Compétence Wholehearted Desire
To stand next to that person... I have to get even stronger! Immune to slow. Also, attack power and movement speed rise at the start of each wave. Bell's unique ability.
Attack power increases by 10% and movement speed increases by 5% for a maximum of 100%.
Desiring Heroism - Requires: The Goddess' Insecurity
I want to be a hero... I might've been chosen as a weakling, but I will become stronger. Restore a large amount of HP, boost attack and movement speed, and reduce damage taken for a long time when the Super Gauge is filled. Bell's unique ability.
Restore 50% of HP, attack power increases by 45%, movement speed increases by 45% and damage taken decreases by 10% for 80 seconds when the Super Gauge is filled.
Compétence de Chaîne Blessing of Fortune - Coût: 4
Immune to slow, and enemies have a higher chance of dropping treasure chests in battle.
Chest drop rate increases by 10% of original chance.


Profil An adventurer belonging to the "Hestia Familia." He leveled up only after a month and a half, garnering attention from other adventurers and gods. He has two titles, "Little Rookie" and "Record Holder."
Voix Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Illustrateur DanMachi Team


Exemple "It's fine, I am not alone. It is not the same family, but I have a group."

Méthode d'Obtention

Comment l'Obtenir
DanMachi Collaboration Festival