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Bernadette (Ultra Rare)

Bernadette (Ultra Rare) Icon Love-Recruited Lady Bernadette
Rareté 5★
Coût 20
Classe Warrior
Arme Blunt
Croissance Très Lent (1250 Base EXP)
  Attaque Pts de Vie
Niveau 1 5200 5200
Niveau 60 6800 6800
Level 80 8800 8800
Affiliation Vice Capital
Métier Berserker
Arme Exclusive Icon Love Sickness
Bernadette (Ultra Rare) F Bernadette (Ultra Rare) B Bernadette (Ultra Rare) L Bernadette (Ultra Rare) R

Attaques Spéciales

Attaque Spéciale Love Dynamite (Mana: 1)
"This is how strong my love for you is!"
Deal 60% of Bernadette's maximum HP in damage to all surrounding enemies and herself.


Compétence Full-Body Blow
She raises her weapon in the air, bringing it down with all her might on her targets. Critical hit power rises while in combat. Bernadette's unique ability.
Critical hits deal 0.5x more normal damage.
Everlasting Love
I will continue to wait for my prince, even if it takes until the end of time! Attack power and critical hit rate rise when HP is 50% or more. Bernadette's unique ability.
Attack power increases by 30% when HP is 50% or more.
Compétence de Groupe
Reduce all blade-users' damage taken when on the battlefield.
Damage taken decreases by 10%.
Compétence de Chaîne Love Charm - Coût: 4
Attack power and movement speed rise when HP is 50% or more.


Profil A sheltered noble who still dreams of meeting her prince. She continues to patiently wait for the hero, her ideal prince, to return her affections. She has been perfecting her combat abilities as "bride training", and uses her family's giant axe heirloom as her weapon.
Voix Maaya Uchida
Illustrateur mamuru


Exemple "No matter how far apart we are, we're destined to be together!"

Méthode d'Obtention

Comment l'Obtenir
Chain Chronicle Version 3 Pre-Registration Campaign