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Fuuko (Version 2)

Fuuko (Version 2) Icon Amazing Ninja Fuuko
Rareté 5★
Coût 20
Classe Warrior
Arme Blade
Croissance Lent (1000 Base EXP)
  Attaque Pts de Vie
Niveau 1 2600 1900
Niveau 60 5800 5010
Level 80 9000 8010
Affiliation Nine Territories of Fire
Métier Shinobi
Fuuko (Version 2) F Fuuko (Version 2) B Fuuko (Version 2) L Fuuko (Version 2) R

Attaques Spéciales

Attaque Spéciale Mysterious Kunoichi (Mana: 2)
"This is the way of an adult kunoichi."
[Combo] After dealing moderate damage to one enemy in Fuuko's row, move to the enemy furthest away in the row to deal light damage to all surrounding enemies and inflict daze.
6x Damage for moderate damage. 1.5x Damage for light damage.


Compétence Precociously Compelling
I promised the princess, I will continue to charm enemies! Critical hit power and special power rise during combat. Fuuko's unique ability.
Critical hits deal 20% more damage. Specials are 30% stronger.
Princess' Kunoichi
Thanks to the princess, Fuuko will keep growing as a kunoichi. Movement speed rises during combat. Also, attack power and critical hit rate rise for a long time at the start of each wave. Fuuko's unique ability.
Attack power increases by 10% and critical hit rate increases by 10% for 50 seconds at the start of each wave.
Compétence de Chaîne Shadows' Evasive Form - Coût: 5
Main party's movement speed rises and damage taken falls when you are in the sub-party.
Movement speed increases by 8% and damage taken decreases by 3%.


Profil A ninja who serves the Ninth Territory. She served the lord, Tsuru, from a very young age and quickly bonded with her. Thanks to her adventures with the rest of the Volunteer Army, she had grown to be a respectable kunoichi who sometimes uses her sex appeal! ...Or so she thinks.
Voix Kotori Koiwai
Illustrateur Nardack


Exemple Inconnu

Méthode d'Obtention

Comment l'Obtenir
Subjugation - Fuuko's Summer Festival